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You already know how to find the best restaurants in your area. Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions.


What is is a gastronomic guide and a reservation portal that has seated nearly 5 million guests. To many restaurants in Poland, you will don’t have to call. We handle the reservations for you. Here you will find places to go for dinner, a business lunch or a Friday night party. No matter how many of you there are, we will take care of everything.

How does work? is a gastronomic guide which cooperates with a large number of restaurants where you can make a one-click reservation on the Web or via the application. We take care of everything else.


How much do I pay for the reservation?

You pay nothing for the reservation service, it’s completely free.

My reservations and my personal details are not being displayed

If you want to see your reservations you need to create them via the same email under which you registered on Restu. It is possible that logging into the application took place through Facebook where you are registered via another email. In the case you want to have the reservations from both e-mails in one place, just set an alternative email in your account settings.

Why verification within 10 minutes?

We set 10 minutes as ideally the maximum time required to process your reservation, during which we contact the restaurant selected by you and verify its availability. Then we confirm the reservation to you by e-mail. Reservations made between 10:00 and 21:00 will be processed within 10 minutes, whilst the others will be sorted in the morning shortly after 10 am.

Why are some restaurant reservations confirmed within 10 minutes, others are confirmed immediately, or some take more than 10 minutes?

In restaurants where they use the Restu Electronic Reservation Book and have enough vacancies at the time you demand, your reservation will be confirmed immediately by clicking on "RESERVE". But if the capacity is partially occupied and they need to verify that the reservation can be arranged to your satisfaction then in this case the reservation processing may take 10 minutes or longer, depending on the restaurant availability.


How can I rate the restaurant on the web?

Rating a restaurant is only possible by prior reservation through by using the review option. Alternatively, you can rate a restaurant without prior reservation by using the check-in function. You will find this in the application and on the mobile web in the restaurant detail.

How can I rate a restaurant via the application?

The “check-in” function was created for the possibility of making a restaurant rating without any prior reservation via The user can make five check-ins per day but only one check-in per hour.

What is the difference between the rating from a reservation and the rating from a check-in?

A rating from a reservation inspires confidence that the review is written based on a personal experience. A rating from a check-in cannot be verified that the guest really visited the restaurant. That is why for a rating written on the base of a reservation you get up to 30 credits, but for a review from a check-in you get only 1 credit.

Credits and vouchers

What are the credits for?

You can exchange the credits for a PLN 30.00 voucher for a dinner at selected restaurants.

How can I get credits?

You get credits for each reservation, review and check-in that you make. The only condition is to have created an account.

When are the credits added to my account?

Credits are always credited the following day i.e. 24 hours after the restaurant visit. The condition for obtaining them is always a previous electronic reservation via the Restu application or the reservation form on the website.

I didn’t receive any credits for the rating

To earn credits for a review it is necessary that the text in the rating contains at least 160 characters.

How do I exchange credits for a valid voucher?

You will get the voucher in your Restu profile in the section “credits and vouchers”, where you will also find your current credits total. To purchase the voucher you will generate it by clicking the button beside the credit balance. A voucher for dinner can be exchanged for 300 credits.

How and where to use Restu voucher?

You can apply your voucher at hundreds of restaurants and cafes across the country. Before applying your voucher, it is necessary to make a reservation at one of the restaurants listed on and to enter the unique voucher´s CODE.

How to extend the validity of credits?

All standard credits are valid for 90 days. With each reservation you prolong the validity of any credits back to the full 90 days. So your credits could be immortal.


How do I add an email address to my Restu account?

In your account settings you can enter an alternative email in the section called “Alternative Email Addresses”. The email must then be confirmed. As an alternative email address, you must choose only an email that has not been registered on

How can I add a restaurant?

You cannot add a restaurant to yourself, but you can send us a tip via We will contact the restaurant and add it to our database.